How the game works

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How the game works

Post by Stan Lee on Tue Apr 26, 2016 1:31 pm

The Stan Lee guide to Marvel Arena

In order to start, head to Introduction and start a new topic, filling a form there with some info about you. A moderator will then turn your Status active. If you want to do it yourself, head to your profile and go to "Status", then turn it on from there.

This game follow a system of battles. In battles, two players will choose a team of three out of a MCU character pool. At each turn, the narrator will roll a dice called "Energy" that may land any number from 1 to 6. The number of times the dice is rolled is represented by how many of the characters are still fighting (3 if they are all still active, 2 if one is down and 1 if there's only one left).

Numbers 1 and 2 will generate a Smash energy point. Characters like Hulk and Captain America, that lay on physical strength, have their skills based on this attribute.

Numbers 3 and 4 will generate a Pierce energy point. Characters like Iron Man and Black Widow, that lay on technology and weapons, have their skills based on this attribute.

Numbers 5 and 6 will generate a Magic energy point. Characters like Thor and Loki, that lay on supernatural abilities, have their skills based on this attribute.

Some skills, depending on their effects, will require energy points to be sacrificed. Or they may require non-specified energy points.

If an energy point isn't used, it will be kept for the next round, when the player adds more points from rolling the dice again.

All characters start a battle with 100 points of health. The player that defeats its opponent's three characters first wins the battle.

The starting characters can be seen at your profile, under the "Characters" area. In order to unlock more, you have to buy them with coins. Coins are obtained through battles, and there are ways to get more of them, you just have to find out how.

To buy a character, read the requirements fixed on the Database area, and if you meet them, post a topic containing who you wish to acquire. A moderator will then check if the requirements are met, and if they are, you will receive a PM and have your list of available characters updated.

A list of characters and their respective skills is available on the Database.

Missions are placed on the World areas, following the plot points of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For an example, you may fight smaller enemies like Ten Rings' minions or Justin Hammer's drones or actual playable ones like Iron Monger or Whiplash. Some of them require a specific character to start or must be completed in order to unlock one. To accept a mission, post a new topic on the respective area, following the example:

TITLE: [Accepted] Defeat Iron Monger
Team: Hulk, Iron Man, Thor

A moderator/narrator will then check if the requirements are met, and if they are, you will be "paired" to fight a NPC. As the challenger, the first turn is yours, therefore the Narrator will roll the dice for you first. Then the battle will commence.

Win the battle and get some rewards.

Battlefield and Player Rankings
Our Battlefield is the typical PvP game. You will earn EXP and coins from battling here. Based on your status, you may enter the top 10 on the player rankings.

I'm trying to develop a guild-like system here. Currently on progress.

This is it for now. This guideline may be updated at any point in time, so pay attention.
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